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Welcome to Swordfish Research Ltd

Swordfish Research is a new company set up by Gary Jenkins which specialises in coverage of the fixed income bond market. The intention is to provide research and consultancy services on anything to do with bonds, whether they be the AAA rated sovereigns (not that there is many of those left..) or corporate credit from both a macro and micro perspective.


About Me

If you think that the rest of this website is dull then you might want to stop reading straight away because this is where it gets really boring. I am told that I have always been analytical which may explain why I enjoy analysing and writing about the credit markets so much.  Events of the last few years have basically resulted in all borrowers being regarded as credit thus there is even more debt to be analysed than at any time in my career. Which brings me on to my past. Previously I have been Head of Fixed Income at Evolution Securities, Head of fundamental credit strategy and European credit research at Deutsche and global head of credit Research at Barclays.